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Born to change the game

 Lead with more confidence, purpose and feminine energy than you ever thought possible.

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You don't have to
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Your radiant presence inspires others. As soon as you enter the room, your sparkle, warmth, and consideration for people fill it with positivity. You have a knack for connecting with others, whether they are individuals, teams, or organizations. You embody a unique kind of leadership, human, disarming, and decisive. You care about making the world a better place and you hold a clear vision for our future. You realize that you have the power to effect change.

Is this the authentic self that you want to bring into your role at work? However, are you struggling with bringing your whole self to the table? Are you increasingly asking yourself questions like “Who am I?” “Why do I feel so insecure?”, and “What am I doing here?”

THEN you are in the right place.

challenges you might be facing

Feeling insecure

If you’re feeling insecure and like you’re not doing a good enough job, and you can’t find the right inspiration or role models to look up to, it’s easy to feel like you’re not in the right place.

Setting boundaries

You may also struggle with setting healthy boundaries and saying “no” to others, leaving you feeling like you’re not being taken seriously no matter how hard you work.

Stressed out

This can cause you to feel stressed out and your energy levels may suffer, no matter how much you try to compensate with exercise or socializing. You may feel tense and tired from the constant struggle.

imposter syndrome vrouwen

“I have done various training and coaching in my career. But this program has changed me in such a fundamental way!”

— Annemarie Kingma, Interim CFO, Finance Director

What you long for...

What you truly long for is to show your whole self – your opinion, your vision, your soul’s purpose, your charismatic energy, and your authentic response – rather than hiding it.

After adapting to others and conforming to the masculine standard for too long, you want to find balance.

You want to go through life feeling grounded and in tune with your emotional truth, showing your full potential and connecting it with what truly matters to you

The course

born to change the game

Our training will help you discover your full leadership potential and inner compass, allowing you to develop a deeper appreciation for who you are as a leader. By using my unique method, “The Journey to Wholeness,” we will take crucial steps towards unlocking your authentic power, enabling you to show yourself as the confident and radiant woman you truly are.

Course breakdown:


In Module 1 we start with unlocking your full potential and you’ll understand what it takes to thrive in both your personal and professional life. We’ll reflect on the importance of feminine values, the six most effective leadership skills for todays organisations, and how harnessing your feminine leadership traits can positively impact your work.

Bye, bye imposter syndrome

Module 2 will focus on identifing and overcoming limiting beliefs and building confidence. We’ll take a close look at the three most important beliefs that keep women small and give imposter syndrome a kick in the butt. The key here is to understand how you unconsciously have adapted yourself to a masculine environment, how this impacted your self-esteem and how you slowly lost sight of your authentic self.

Embody feminine leadership

In Module 3 we will challenge traditional images of leadership and authority. You will understand how you have internalized these images, how they are impacting the image you have of yourself and replace them with images that reflect the leadership today’s organizations are in need of. Here you will learn to focus on the kind of leadership you want to embody, as well as growing into the role model you yourself wished you had.

We can become the change we ourselves want to see in the world. 

your impact

In module 4, we’ll explore how to elevate your impact and accelerate career growth. During this module, you will learn to tune into your desires instead of your ambitions and discover how they lead you to your purpose. By aligning your impact with your purpose and setting healthy boundaries, you can create a fulfilling and sustainable career that allows you to make a positive impact in the world.



Be a confident leader who won’t hold herself back. And yes, even if you work in a super-rational or masculine environment.
Know how to set clear boundaries and won’t let anyone else limit you.
Be ready for promotion and/or the job you really want
Know how and where you want to make a difference. By showing your unique talents and gifts you will be seen as an even greater leader.
Show up at work with a radiant energy and a sparkle in your eyes people can no longer ignore. They will see, what I like to call: a Femme Inspiratrice.
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How this course works

Sign up

The first step is to fill in an reflection paper after registration so that I have all the important details and understand your desires. I’ll also provide you with all the practical information you need for the course, so no need to worry there!

8 weeks

The program duration is eight weeks. Every other week we come together for a live coaching session of 2,5 hours. In between the live sessions you receive email challenges and peer-buddy assignments. 

Live coaching sessions

The “Born to Change the Game” course is released in weekly modules that includes live coaching sessions, easy-to-follow content, meditations, inspiring challenges, worksheets, and conversation guides that will help you initiate conversations at work about your leadership development.

Email challenges

In addition to receiving my book “Born to Change the Game,” you’ll also receive online challenges with practical assignments, exercises, tools, and inspiration to help you make daily progress.

The sisterhood

You don’t have to go through this course alone – my team and I will be there to support you. Additionally, you’ll have weekly peer-to-peer coaching with sisters who are also participating in the program. This will provide you with a great network and the necessary light-heartedness, laughter, recognition, support, and encouragement to take the necessary steps. By the end of this program you’ve access to an amazing supportive community of women leaders.

Deelnemer Women's Leadership Program

Nancy Kabalt – Board member

“I’m ready to conquer this world as a female leader!”

brenda kramer, senior advisor responsible investment  

“Carla truly has the knowledge to unfold your full female potential.”

Carla has a unique way of looking at things that sets her apart from other coaches. She focuses on the wisdom you already have within yourself, rather than teaching you models or requiring you to learn anything new. Through her coaching, you’ll experience that you already embody the qualities of a female leader.


“Discovering the powerful leader within me when I bring in my whole self.”

Of all the leadership programs I’ve attended, none compare to the Journey to Wholeness. Through this program, I not only discovered but also felt the importance of the connection between mind, body, and soul. I discovered what kind of powerful leader emerges when I bring my whole self to the table.


“Through this program, I became more aware of the other traits I possess.”

In my environment, several traits that are valued are typically attributed to “masculine” traits. However, through this program, I became more aware of other qualities I possess that I didn’t focus on as much before – such as empathic leadership, the ability to listen to others, and the willingness to be vulnerable. Now, these qualities are ones that I’m willing to put more effort into developing.

Payment in installments

full online program, which includes all live sessions.

the online content set includes meditations, online challenges, conversation guides, worksheets, and my book “Born to Change the Game.”

access to the community on LinkedIn is included, where you can connect with all the women who have completed one of our leadership programs.

Best choice!

One-time payment

full online program, which includes all live sessions.

the online content set includes meditations, online challenges, conversation guides, worksheets, and my book “Born to Change the Game.”

access to the community on LinkedIn is included, where you can connect with all the women who have completed one of our leadership programs.

receive a gift when you grab your seat today!

You’re stronger than you think

Truly, you are. That’s why you’re here, reading this page and embarking on this journey. However, like many people, you may sometimes need help returning to your core – your heart, natural energy, and soul. You need someone who can help you ask the important questions, guides you on the journey inward, and brings your life and leadership to the next level. 

That’s where I come in.

Online program women's leadership
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Grab your seat today and....

Get a one-on-one coaching session with Carla for free. With this personalized coaching and guidance I will help you to take your leadership to the next level. 

Reviews coaching Carla Clarissa

“I can now enjoy the work I
do much more! ”

I feel more balanced, less hectic, and better able to deal with my own and others’ emotions. I am now the radiant, inspiring leader I always wanted to be.

carina krastel-hoek, director business guidance Tennet 

Hi, I am Carla. Founder of The Women’s Leadership Program, executive coach for women leaders, and author of the book "Born to change the game".

My mission is for you to lead from your own uniqueness, your own purpose and your own personal values. The love, wisdom, and leadership that this world needs are already within you – all you need to do is to unlock your full potential. 

BlackRock samenwerking Carla Clarissa

I know how you’re feeling because I’ve been there

“Fifteen years ago, I worked at one of the largest energy companies in the Netherlands.”

I was 30 and my career was going great, and yet I started to feel annoyed and insecure. I increasingly wondered what I was doing there and what I actually wanted from life. It was later that I discovered how much this insecurity had to do with my own sense of self-worth and purpose.

Tweederde vrouwen overweegt handdoek in ring te gooien
Carla Clarissa coaching vrouwen

What I had to learn

balance femininity and masculinity in my leadership

Traditional leadership development programs often reflect the biases and preferences of the dominant group (i.e., men) and may not address the unique challenges that women face in the workplace. Among all the male colleagues, male coaches, male role models, and business cultures based on masculine values, it was the feminine perspective that was lacking in my own leadership development. What I had to learn was:

  • To value myself as a woman instead of trying to become one of the guys;
  • Redefine the image of what leadership, authority and power looks like inside my own mind;
  • Leading by example: embody the qualities that I value in leadership which also encompasses feminine qualities.

unlock your full potential 

Women-only leadership development programs provide a safe and supportive environment where women can learn from each other, share their experiences, and develop the skills, the strategies, and most importantly, the confidence they need to succeed. Research shows that such programs can have a significant impact on women’s career advancement, as they help women build confidence, expand their networks, and acquire the skills and tools they need to navigate the barriers they face.

Women who work with me experience more joy at work, more promotion opportunities, and greater confidence and resilience.

Jezelf kunnen zijn als vrouw op het werk

Study at your
own pace

Follow a proven
coaching method

Grow your support network.

Ready within
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There will always be reasons not to do something, such as a full agenda, a target to achieve first, a better job, or a family that needs your attention. But there are also plenty of reasons to take that next step. It’s your choice. One thing is clear, though – there’s no one in this world who can make your own leadership development more important than you.

By investing in your own leadership, we can create a better future for all.

100% money back guarantee


Are you waiting for a sign? This is it! Try the program for 7 days. Sometimes, it feels better to have that extra time to consider your decision and examine what you’ve bought. That’s why we offer a 7-day trial and a 100% money-back guarantee.

This program is for you if...

It's probably not for you if...



Payment in installements

full online program, which includes all live sessions.

the online content set includes meditations, online challenges, conversation guides, worksheets, and my book “Born to Change the Game.”

access to the community on LinkedIn is included, where you can connect with all the women who have completed one of our leadership programs.

Beste keuze!

One-time payment

full online program, which includes all live sessions.

the online content set includes meditations, online challenges, conversation guides, worksheets, and my book “Born to Change the Game.”

access to the community on LinkedIn is included, where you can connect with all the women who have completed one of our leadership programs.

receive a gift when you grab your seat today!



What is the Born to Change the Game course?

The Born to change the game course is an online program designed to empower women to become authentic, confident, and impactful leaders in their careers and lives. Through a combination of live online sessions, weekly modules, online challenges, and peer-to-peer conversations, participants will learn how to unlock their true potential and lead with purpose, passion, and confidence.

Who is this program for?
This program is designed for women who are committed to personal growth and professional development, and who want to take their leadership skills to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re a seasoned executive, this program will provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to become a more effective and authentic leader.
How long is the program and what does it include?
The program includes four live online sessions of half a day each, as well as a four-week online content set featuring meditations, online challenges, conversations guides, worksheets, and Carla’s book ‘Born to change the game’. In addition, participants will have access to a private online community on LinkedIn, where they can connect with other women who have completed the program. The program runs for one month.
What makes this program different from other leadership programs?
This program is different because it focuses specifically on empowering women to lead with their natural strengths and feminine values. Carla’s unique coaching method, The Journey to Wholeness, emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and soul in leadership development, and helps women to rediscover their own innate wisdom and power. The program also includes peer-to-peer conversations and online challenges to provide additional support and inspiration.
How much does the program cost?
The cost of the program is €997, which includes all live sessions, online content, and access to the private online community. Payment can be made in installments if needed.
Is there a refund policy?
Yes, we offer a 14-day reflection period and a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the program for any reason, simply let us know within 14 days of your purchase and we’ll refund your money in full.
Will I have access to Carla during the program?
Yes, Carla will be available to provide guidance and support throughout the program, including during the live online sessions and peer-to-peer conversations. You’ll also receive online challenges and other resources from Carla to help you make progress on a daily basis.
Can I join the program if I have a busy schedule?
Yes, the program is designed to be flexible and accessible for women with busy schedules. The live online sessions are held on Fridays, and are recorded. The weekly modules can be completed on your own schedule and if you missed a session you can watch the recording whenever suits you best. You’ll also have access to the online content and community for one month after the program ends, so you can continue to learn and grow at your own pace.

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