Born to change the game is now available in store! A perfect handbook for women who are longing for practical tools to inspire and bring about change based on their full leadership potential.

‘The essence of the book? That women once again feel free to live and to lead drawing on their own strength.’ – Carla Clarissa

For you, Sister. Because it is you for whom we are waiting...

The love, wisdom and the leadership that this world needs are already within you. You just have to rediscover them. And whether you have just started work, or you have just become a mother. Whether you are in your first management role, or being promoted to a director’s role; my book is for every woman who wants to discover how she can lead others based more on who she actually is.

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I discuss it several times in my book: music is crucial to getting to your emotional world. To put you in a certain mood or to feel through charged emotions; to even live through them. Certain music such as meditative sounds or emotional songs that touch your heart can help you do this. I use playlists that fit different types of emotions. What music touches you is very personal, but below are my two favorite songs! One playlist to support your own M-Body process. And one to connect with your sexual energy.

You were never meant to play the game
You were born to change it.


Keetie Polderman
Keetie Polderman
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"Fantastic! Through this book you become aware of unconscious currents and the journey you are on that unleashes female leadership. It genuinely offers a pathway to your authentic self. It will give you an insight into the author’s personal leadership journey, reflections of other women leaders and tools for your own personal journey. You really will recognize yourself in this book. It is therefore highly recommended!"
Monique de Bree - Tromp
Monique de Bree - Tromp
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"This is one of those books that you keep going back to. A great combination of inspiration, theoretical framework and very practical tools for personal leadership development. This is a book you’d just pick up and read, or you’d use it as a tool for a discussion with other women (and men)."
Annemarie Kingma
Annemarie Kingma
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"What an inspirational book, very much in line with the current movement in the advancement of women. Good explanation of the different stages that you go through on the path to self-awareness. Very recognizable in terms of how you can lose yourself as a woman because you allow yourself to be tempted to make the required adjustments in order to survive in a man’s world. It provides an insight into and tools for understanding your own inner world, allowing you to go through life more self-assured. Highly recommended! A great job Carla!"
Marjolein Bot
Marjolein Bot
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"You know you have a yearning to address when something moves you, energizes you, makes you happy and you are ready to ‘stand up’. Filled with passion, life energy, spirit and ... with purpose.” Carla’s program brought my aspirations to the surface. In “Born to change the game” she explains her method. It is a must to take up Carla's challenges, to embrace yourself and get to know your own strengths with the help of your sisters. A gift that every woman should give herself!"
Manon Jutte
Manon Jutte
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"Carla ‘ís’ Born to change the game, but the driving force of this book is that all women can be a Femme Inspiratrice. Able to make a difference. It reads wonderfully, even though the underlying theme is challenging: authentic leadership in a world where male leadership dominates. It’s great how you can immediately get started with the step-by-step plan provided and the corresponding assignments. This enables you to discover your own strength and how this will help you to excel in your work, but also how important it is to delegate to other people."


Can’t wait to read it? I get that! If you haven’t met me before, it’s nice to see if my story suits you and whether my book is of value to you.

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I am Carla Clarissa. Founder of The Women’s Leadership Program and executive coach for women leaders. The essence of my coaching method the Journey to Wholeness®, is that you once again feel free to live and to lead drawing on your own strength. To feel balance, resilience, purpose and to aim for better results based on your personal values. Results that really matter. There is only one woman like you. That is your greatest strength, and also the greatest gift you can give to this world.


Be different. Be unique. Be yourself!


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In Born to change the game, executive coach Carla Clarissa shows women the adaptation strategies that they have adopted in a system dominated by men and by masculine values. Layer by layer, she teaches the reader to free herself from an imposed leadership model and imposed images of women, so that she can reconnect with her feminine power.

With inspirational stories, targeted coaching assignments and practical tools, Carla helps women to become that long-awaited role model. Therefore, a ‘must read’ for every woman with a desire to inspire and initiate change in the workplace.


Leadership Program for women

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