I am Carla Clarissa. Founder of The Women’s Leadership Program and executive coach for women leaders. The essence of my coaching method the Journey to Wholeness®, is that you once again feel free to live and to lead drawing on your own strength. To feel balance, resilience, purpose and to aim for better results based on your personal values. Results that really matter. There is only one woman like you. That is your greatest strength, and also the greatest gift you can give to this world.

Be different. Be unique. Be yourself!



I’ve been waiting for you. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. There are many men, women and children waiting with me. Waiting for your leadership. Your influence. Your power. Because you are so strong, and you have so much to give!

That is precisely what The Women’s Leadership Program is about. It’s a leadership journey during which you learn to embrace your feminine power and use it in your leadership. A journey during which you learn to rise above the pressures of your environment and above self-imposed pressure. Do you know who will then appear? That radiant woman, who takes the world around her to the next level with her love and leadership.

The summer edition of The Women’s Leadership Program starts at the end of May 2023. Discover below whether the program is suited to you.

You were never meant to play the game
You were born to change it.


My book Born to change the game is now available in store! A perfect handbook for women who want practical tools to inspire and bring about change based on their full leadership potential. The essence of the book? That women once again feel free to live and to lead drawing on their own strength.



With all the crises that we have to tackle together and all the talent it requires to do that, diversity now has to be a strategic theme in every organization. If you manage to retain the women currently working for you and allow them to progress within the organization, it also makes sense to attract new women. Our research shows that there is still much to be gained in terms of gender diversity. 

“I have attended various training courses and received different types of coaching during my career. But this time, a program has changed me substantially.”
Annemarie Kingma - Interim CFO | Finance Director
“I’m ready to continue conquering the world as a female leader!”
Nancy Kabalt-Groot, Partner Windkracht 5
“The sisterhood, the program and the guidance provided by Carla Clarissa has enriched my life significantly!”
Anja Vijselaar - Director BU Energy WSP Nederland
“Carla really has the knowledge to develop your full female leadership.”​
Brenda Kramer, senior advisor Responsible Investment PGGM
“She brought what I needed to take other people to new heights.”
Johanna Meijer-Wolfbauer, Global HR Director Foodservice Friesland Campina
“A unique leadership program that not only talks about women leadership, but makes you feel it deeply too.”
Ingrid Kersten, Managing Director Accenture
Klik Hier
“This program was a gift for me and my employer. My inner authority has been empowered and that has led to a stronger leadership presence and performance.”
Carina Krastel-Hoek, Director Business Guidance Tennet


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