The Women’s Leadership Program

A six-month leadership development program including
Group Training | Individual Coaching | Peer-to-Peer Support

Fall 2020 |  October 21 — 22  |  November 25 — 26  |  January 13 — 14  |  March 3 — 4



• Develop your own, authentic leadership style and increase your impact. 

• Achieve results faster while diminishing energy-drains.

• Know your leadership purpose and what it is you desire to lead.


Increase your executive presence.

• Become known for your vision and ideas.

• Grow into a natural influencer and motivational leader. 


• Develop skills in delivering powerful TED-style talks.

Develop a balanced leadership style where both your masculine and feminine strengths are present.

• Gain renewed energy, a positive mindset and greater charisma. 


Women who work with me are highly qualified women who have one thing in common: a desire to make a difference and drive to make a sustainable impact in our society.

But how to make a difference when somehow feeling being held back?

How to stay balanced and energized in dominant masculine business environments?

How to nót become ‘one of the guys’ or ‘the bitch’ but instead develop your own unique leadership signature?

If you recognize any of these questions, then this program is designed for you. 



This is a four-month leadership development program including:
  • Group Training: four times two-day’s of group training (eight days in total)
  • Individual Coaching: three individual coaching sessions of 1,5 hours each
  • Speaker Coaching: one individual meet-up with a speaker coach
  • Peer-to-Peer support: weekly peer-coaching calls
  • Weekly coaching challenges: for practicing at home and at work for immediate impact
  • Intake and Closing
Participants invest on average twelve days in their personal leadership development.
The program is intens, yet energizing from the start! Women who have joined the program experience it as challenging, yet highly supportive. And as of day one they gained energy.


Course content Session One: Self-Awareness

  • Introduction into the “Journey to Wholeness”: a leadership development proces developed by me which is interwoven in every program I’ve designed.
  • Raise your self-awareness: with help of the female archetypes of “Goddesses in Everywoman” women learn to know themselves better and discover which of their inner strengths are most activated, which ones slumber and where they can find their balance.
  • Learn to lead from presence: a clear mind connected to your physical and emotional intelligence.

Course content Session Two: Presence & Charisma 

  • Deepen your physical awareness in order for you to raise your executive presence and charisma.
  • Learn to process emotions and listen to the wisdom that’s underneath them so you can communicate with clarity and impact.
  • Learn what charisma really is and how to claim it for yourself.

Course content Session Three: Building Character

  • Discover how to further build your character from life’s painful experiences. So you don’t let yourself be victimized, embittered or hardened. But instead learn to rise from the ashes; into a wiser, stronger and more powerful woman then you were before.
  • Writing your Personal Leadership Vision. A written document that holds your vision on what it is you want from life, who and what holds the most meaning to you, what kind of leader you strive to be and how you contribute to a positive change in people’s lives and the businesses you work in.

Course content Session Four: Executive presence in public speaking

    • Learn to deliver powerful public speaking talks —according TED-style — to increase your impact and influence as a leader. Voice-coaching and grounding techniques from a balanced feminine-masculine perspective. Learn the practices that increase your charisma and natural autority so you can deliver your message to the world in a way that captivates your audiences.
    • Learn how to speak with courage and wholeheartedness and create emotional connections with people through public speaking engagements.
  • A Graduation Ceremony in which the participants speech in front of an audience.
  • Receive a recording of your Graduation Speech.

During the sessions overnight stays are recommended though not obliged. If you wish to travel home and sleep in your own bed feel free to do so. Whatever supports you to do deep personal work is supported by me also.


Between each session the participants have a one-on-one coaching session of 1,5 hours to deepen the learnings and support their development process.


Every week the participants get together, virtually, with one of their peers from the program. They receive a coaching question to reflect upon. The buddy’s support and inspire each other to bring their newly gained insights into practice.


Being a ‘femme inspiratrice’ is one of the feminine gifts. A ‘femme inspiratrice’ is a woman who inspires growth. With her leadership presence she brings about change and transforms businesses and people. It’s one of the gifts of being a woman: the gift to inspire.

But to develop yourself into a ‘femme inspiratrice’ requires you to move beyond adopting the standard masculine leadership model. Invest in developing your own, balanced leadership style. Where both your masculine ánd feminine strenghts are present. With room for your undeniable power and your sincere vulnerability.

For years women leaders have been taught to ‘man up’. This has resulted in women who felt cut off from their emotional truth, working for individualism instead of the collective, standing for profit instead of humanity. It made her feel not whole, unvalued and disconnected from the radiant woman she really is. At Carla Clarissa we take a feminine perspective on how leadership looks and feels like for women in management.

Resulting in authentic, high-impact women leaders. 


Global Human Capital Trends 2016 by Deloitte states that of all respondents, nearly 50% report that little to no investments are being made in specifically developing women leaders. Even though personal leadership is developed differently in women than it is in men.

First of all because a woman’s and a man’s psyche operates differently. They have different inner forces driving their behavior. In a patriarchal society and business culture it’s the male psyche that is dominant. Women need to learn about their own inner forces if they want to understand themselves and effectively use these forces.

Secondly the forces in our society act out differently on women than on men. Most women leaders have had to deal with misogynistic behavior somewhere in their careers. Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny (ref Wikipedia) in our society is manifested in numerous ways, including social exclusion, exclusion from power and decision-making positions, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism (being centered on males or masculine values), patriarchy, male privilege, belittling of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification.

For women having to deal with these kinds of behaviors leave it’s scars. Hardened, hiding behind masks, losing charisma, losing self-confidence, a growing insecurity and feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and depression are the psychological consequences women living in patriarchal societies and patriarchal business cultures have to deal with.

A woman needs to become conscious about the external pressure that is put on her, so she can consciously lead and make decisions. Women can find the strength in themselves to overcome emotional distress and anxieties despite the fact that these experiences have for many years deeply impacted the behavior, development and self-esteem of women. In my program I teach women how to create ‘diamonds’ out of their experiences so they connect to their inner strength and wisdom. Sharing personal experiences in the intimacy of the women’s circle, letting go of the fear, pain, anger and frustration. Choosing not to be a victim but instead understanding how specific experiences turn you into a wiser woman and grow your personal leadership.

Thirdly, charisma is developed differently. Charisma is an energy source that we carry with us in our bodies. Developed through a grounded sense of self-love, self-esteem and finding joy and safety in one’s own body. Without a healthy, loving relationship with our bodies we experience difficulties connecting to our life-force, intuition and charisma. 

Women, starting at puberty, have to deal with an overload of projections on the female body. Feeling safe in one’s own body is our birth right and yet one that is hard to experience for women. However, being able to ground in one’s body and feeling safe to do so is a prerequisite for leading with presence and charisma. The Women’s Leadership Program acknowledges the differences in which men and women have build up a relationship with their body. The program supports women in discovering the strenghts and wisdom that lies in the female body and helps them to grow a healthy, loving relationship with their own body. From where leadership presence and charisma can rise.


The different approach to women’s leadership development is translated into the design of the program. The program is designed according to a woman’s ‘Journey to Wholeness’: a leadership development process designed by Carla Clarissa which is interwoven in her coaching practice and leadership programs.

Know your whole self: working with the psychology of “Goddesses in everywoman” from Jungian analyst Jean S. Bolen.

Learn from your emotions: when voicing your truth don’t speak from unprocessed anger or pain. Instead learn how to empty one’s own lethal goblet, so people are willing to listen and receive your message.

Awaken all your senses: in order to access the wisdom of your emotional and physical intelligence.

Reclaim your sacred sexuality: develop a healthy, loving relationship with your body in order to connect your life-force, intuition and charisma.

Understand your life’s initiations: learn to initiate your psychological scars – experiences filled with fear, pain, anger and frustration – into wisdom and strength. And grow into a wiser, even more compassionate and courageous woman you already are.

Give meaning to your life: take your different roles into account, reflect on your life and write a Personal Leadership Vision which states the kind of leader you strive to be and how you decide to contribute to a positive change in people’s lives and the business you work in.


The final part of The Women’s Leadership Program is learning how to deliver powerful public speaking talks to increase your impact and influence as a leader. Learning to free your voice and deliver your message to the world in a way that captivates your audiences is in my view part of a woman’s Journey to Wholeness. Because it gives her personal power and confidence to say what she has to say and influence her environment, not only in groups but also on stage.


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