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This leadership program is truly unique in that it does not ‘just talk’ about feminine leadership but it lets you ‘experience it’ through the fantastic guidance of Carla and the deep connects made with sisters also following the program. 

Ingrid Kersten, Managing Director Energy – Accenture

Carla Clarissa’s journey brought me (back) to the essence of my power. I am ready to continue to conquer the world as a female leader. 

Nancy Kabalt-Groot, Board-member, Entrepreneur in the sustainable economy

What a fantastic experience and enrichment this leadership program has given me! The incredible sisterhood, the truly unique program design and the guidance from Carla Clarissa has thought me things I never knew would make such a difference in my life!!! Thanks Carla!

Anja Vijselaar, Directeur at Petersburg Consultants

In The Women’s Leadership Program I’ve found an inner strength and a deeply grounded sense of self-worth that has transformed the way I look at myself. I now acknowledge the value I bring into my relationships and into my leadership.

Iris van Diest, Vendor Lease professional ABN-AMRO Lease

By far the most valuable and insightful training program I’ve ever done. And it was a pleasure all the way!

Kirsten Wilkeshuis, PLV Directeur Netbeheer Nederland.

Not ‘just another’ personal leadership training, but a unique experience of a journey to wholeness exceeding all expectations.

Judy Swager, Factory Controller at Jacobs Douwe Egberts

The female body has direct access to specific feminine powers like the power to create, the power to transform and the power to inspire. Learning how to connect to these powers has given me as a leader much more presence. Carla Clarissa created an impressive journey which I highly recommend!

Sandra van Rijswijk, COO at The Medical Export Group

Participating in the Women’s Leadership Program was a life changing event for me. I learned about a woman’s worth, the power of sisterhood and how to connect with my femininity again. With her guidance, I felt a strength I never experienced before which as a consequence, changed my views on leadership and helped me find my purpose. 

Marit van Gijtenbeek, owner Kiona

Marit wrote an inspiring blog about her personal journey.

It’s called ‘Are you a bimbo? A bitch? Or one of the guys?’. Curious? Read it here.

Part of The Women’s Leadership Program is learning to deliver powerful public speaking talks to increase your impact and influence as a leader.

This is the speech Ilse Schevers, Senior Business Change Manager at ABN-AMRO and owner of Ilse Schevers Voice-Over, gave at the end of the program. In a wholehearted and powerful speech Ilse Schevers talks about her personal experiences, both before as during The Women’s Leadership Program, and where her Journey to Wholeness has brought her. A speech that elicited tears with everyone in the audience. And fulfilled me with joy and deep gratitude that I get to do this work.
A ‘must-see to the end’ 3 minute video!

Graduation Speech Ilse Schevers for The Women\'s Leadership Program vimeo play
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