Foundation Course

An intimate three-day intensive

November 8th – 10th


The Women’s Leadership Foundation Course is where women learn to grow their executive presence. However, this is not your ordinary female leadership development program. This is about you connecting to your own, natural leadership presence. It’s about you becoming real, courageous and charismatic. It’s about you owning your strength, your wisdom and your charisma.

  • Do you aspire a (bigger) leadership role without ‘masculinizing’ yourself?
  • Have you been ‘one of the guys’ during your career and do you now long to become more balanced as a leader? Where both your masculine ánd feminine strengths are valued and developed?
  • Do you want to learn how to change and transform your business and the people with your leadership presence?
  • Do you desire to become a ‘femme inspiratrice’? A woman who inspires growth and has the gift to raise people to new heights?
  • Do you feel exhausted, unvalued and not seen for what you’ve to bring into your leadership?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program is for you.

This is not your ordinary female leadership development program.


I am not going to teach you how to ‘play the game’. I am not going to tell you to ‘man-up’, or that you have to make ‘tough decisions’ and ‘sacrifices’. Because that’s not true. What is true is that women become inspiring, charismatic and purpose-driven leaders when they’ve learned how to connect and lead from their feminine power. And with their masculine and feminine strengths in balance hold the power to ‘change the game’.

In the Foundation Course you will:

  • Further raise your self-awareness and your ability to ground yourself deeply inside your body from where presence and radiance rises.
  • Begin to connect to your inner authority from where self-worth, self-confidence and a natural outer authority rises.
  • Start to experience inside your body how it feels when your masculine and feminine energies are balanced.


I help you to move beyond adopting the standard masculine leadership model and develop your own, balanced leadership style. With room for your undeniable power and your sincere vulnerability. It’s the balanced version of yourself that ultimately will inspire the people around you, specifically those working in male-dominated business environments, to balance themselves also.


An important aspect of the Foundation Course is that you will deeply connect with other business women who also feel a longing to lead and make a difference while staying true to who they are. Here you will share related experiences, challenges and questions in a women’s leadership circle that is fueled with unconditional love and support.


Carla Clarissa’s Alumni Community is a very active community of women business leaders who, under my guidance, continue to inspire each other to grow, take on new challenges and move out of the comfort zone. All of this while staying true to who they are and the kind of leader they desire to be. Unlike some other business networks the women in this community bring unconditional love and amazing support to each other. There is truly an awesome sisterhood spirit among these women.

I am the founder of Carla Clarissa ‘Unfolding a woman’s leadership presence’. Women who have worked with me experience my programs and guidance as very challenging, yet filled with warmth and personal support. What drives me is the impact that happens when a group of empowered women come together, inspire each other, and stand up in their natural leadership presence. They ignite positive transformations in all areas of their lives. They elevate their families, communities and organisations. I am a graduate of the Nyenrode Business University and studied Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development at The Tavistock Institute in the UK. I am also a certified Deep Coaching Practitioner and Enneagram Coach from the Deep Coaching Institute in San Fransisco, CA.

“There is a direct connection between the presence a woman brings into her leadership and her inherit sense of self-worth. It’s my purpose to grow a woman’s self-worth so her leadership presence may rise.” 


The Women’s Leadership Foundation Course is a very intensive, energizing leadership course for women who desire to have a deeper impact. It’s offered as an intimate three-day intensive for women leaders and professionals.

The Foundation Course consists of three full days, including two evenings. Starting on Thursday 9am and ending on Saturday 5pm. Meals and accommodation is included in the price. But overnight stays are not obliged. If you wish to travel home and sleep in your own bed after both evening sessions have ended feel free to do so. Whatever supports you to do deep personal work is supported by me also.

Course content Day One: Self-Awareness (12 hours training)

  • Introduction into the “Journey to Wholeness”: a leadership development proces developed by me which is interwoven in every program I’ve designed.
  • Raise your self-awareness: with help of the female archetypes of “Goddesses in Everywoman” women learn to know themselves better and discover which of their inner strengths are most activated, which ones slumber and where they can find their balance.
  • Begin to listen to the language of your body, your physical intelligence.

Course content Day Two: Presence & Charisma (12 hours training)

  • Deepen your physical awareness in order for you to raise your executive presence and charisma.
  • Learn to process emotions and listen to the wisdom that’s underneath them so you can clarify what you stand for and increase your impact.
  • Learn what charisma really is and how to claim it for yourself.

Course content Day Three: Building Character (8 hours training)

  • Discover how to further build character from life’s painful experiences. So we don’t let ourselves be victimized, embittered or hardened. But instead learn to rise from the ashes; into a wiser, stronger and more powerful woman then we were before.
  • Integrate the learnings from the Foundation Course into your leadership.

Join The Women’s Leadership Foundation Course €1997,- including VAT, meals and two overnight stays.

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Difference with The Women’s Leadership Program

The Foundation Course contains some of the fundamental teachings from The Women’s Leadership Program. In this course you will learn the basics and get a chance to practice some of my fundamental teachings. The Women’s Leadership Program is a five-month intensive leadership development journey which also includes individual coaching sessions, weekly coaching challenges and weekly peer-buddy coaching. The program naturally goes much deeper and further then the Foundation Course.

The Women’s Leadership Program is designed according to a woman’s Journey to Wholeness. In the Foundation Course some of the core elements of this Journey to Wholeness are included. 

Not included in the Foundation Course is the development of a Personal Leadership Vision. A written document that holds your vision of how you desire to live your life, who and what holds the most meaning to you, what kind of leader you strive to be and how you contribute to a positive change in people’s lives and the businesses you work in.

Also not included in the Foundation Course is learning to deliver powerful public speaking talks to increase your impact and influence as a leader. Learning to free your voice and deliver your message to the world in a way that captivates your audiences is in my view part of a woman’s Journey to Wholeness. Because it gives her personal power and confidence to say what she has to say and influence her world.

Follow-up Mastery Course

If you desire to continue your path on the Journey to Wholeness after finishing the Foundation Course then you can join it’s follow-up course called “The Women’s Leadership Mastery Course”. This two-month course consists of:

  • Four days of training.
  • One individual coaching session of 1,5 hours.
  • One individual meet-up with a speaker coach.
  • Weekly coaching challenges as for the duration of the full Mastery Course.
  • recording of your Graduation Speech.

The Mastery Course deepens the teachings around self-awareness, executive presence and charisma. And includes developing your Personal Leadership Vision and learning to deliver powerful public speaking talks.

Follow-up with individual coaching

After joining any of my programs you can also work with me one-on-one and continue your personal development in an individual setting. I only work individually with alumni.


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By far the most valuable and insightful training program I’ve ever done. And it was a pleasure all the way!

Kirsten Wilkeshuis, PLV Directeur Netbeheer Nederland.

The female body has direct access to specific feminine powers like the power to create, the power to transform and the power to inspire. Learning how to connect to these powers has given me as a leader much more presence. Carla Clarissa created an impressive journey which I highly recommend!

Sandra van Rijswijk, Lean Program Manager Van de Velde

In The Women’s Leadership Program I’ve found an inner strength and a deeply grounded sense of self-worth that has transformed the way I look at myself. I now acknowledge the value I bring into my relationships and into my leadership.

Iris van Diest, Vendor Lease professional ABN-AMRO Lease


Event date: November 8th – 10th, 2018

Thursday: 9am – 9pm | Friday: 9am – 9pm | Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Location: Hilversum

Price: €1997,- VAT, meals and accommodation are included in the price.

Overnight stays are not obliged. If you wish to travel home and sleep in your own bed after both evening sessions have ended feel free to do so. Whatever supports you to do deep personal work is supported by me also.

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