About me

Coaching women to excel as leaders

I’m the founder of The Women’s Leadership Program, the owner of a Journey to Wholeness® and a women’s leadership expert and coach.

I coach women business leaders on increasing their impact in male-dominated business environments. Achieving results faster and avoiding energy-drains. Becoming a natural inspirator, influencer and motivational leader for your team and organization.

At Carla Clarissa women leaders start to experience wholeness and feel welcome to bring all of who they are. It’s in this space where she is encouraged to master both her masculine ánd feminine power. And value all of who she is.

I have been coaching executives for over a decade and focus on balanced and integrated leadership. Bringing alignment between intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligence. I’m known for my highly challenging, yet warm and supportive coaching style. 

I inspire, seduce, challenge and confront you to dig deeper inside yourself. I’ll help you to own your leadership, take responsibility for it and motivate you to transform personal life experiences into wisdom and strength. You are supported in a women’s circle that helps you to grow your self-worth. Having realigned yourself with your natural leadership presence and purpose, you feel radiant, energized and empowered. You accomplish more, with greater ease and better results.


I’m a successful business woman and executive leadership coach with twenty years of experience in the corporate sector. I previously worked as a management consultant in the fast-moving consumer goods industry and as a business and change leader in the energy sector.

♦ MSc in Management, Nyenrode University  

♦ Certified Deep Coaching (and Enneagram) Professional, Deep Coaching Institute San Francisco, CA

♦ Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development, The Tavistock Institute UK

♦ Group Relations Conference on Femininity, Masculinity, Leadership and Authority, IFSI France

♦ The Leicester Conference on Leadership and Authority in Group Relations, The Tavistock Institute UK

♦ The Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis, The Institute of Psychosynthesis London

My Purpose

It’s my purpose that every woman business leader experiences herself as a ‘Femme Inspiratrice’: a woman with the gift to inspire change, lead transformations and elevate her people and company. I create space for women to discover this gift, to make it hers, a place also where she can enjoy the presence and inspiration of other business women who are on the same journey. Space where they can reconnect, re-energize and feel reborn to continue with their leadership purpose.

What drives me is the energizing impact that happens when a group of empowered women come together, inspire each other, and stand up in their natural leadership presence. They ignite positive transformations in all areas of their lives. They elevate their families, communities and organisations.

The force of a woman coming into her power, into her voice, into her femininity, and starts doing what she has come here to do, enlightens everyone around her.

I believe women are key in transforming the world we live in. I long to see so much more of this. And I know my longing is shared by many women and men!

It’s from this longing that I’ve created Carla Clarissa.

There is a direct connection between the presence a woman brings in her leadership, the presence she stands in on this world and how well she loves herself. That’s why it’s only from her wholeness and self-worth that a woman can become the change leader she was born to be.

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